The Tamil Genocide Monument Organization was established in 2021 with the hope of building a memorial monument in Brampton, Canada to remember the innocent Tamil civilians brutally killed by the Sri Lankan armed forces during the three decades of civil war in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan military ended the civil war by unleashing one of the brutal bombardments of public areas (i.e. hospitals, churches and community centers) where civilians were asked to assemble for final evacuation. The indiscriminate shelling from land, sea and air strikes, tens of thousands of civilians including children and women were killed.

The government and its security forces regard any memorial events by Tamils to be commemoration of LTTE, not civilians. The security forces claim that Tamils could commemorate deceased LTTE members in private, but there have been reports of the military entering homes to prevent such commemoration. Local Tamil community has decided to build a memorial monument in the City of Brampton with close collaboration with the City of Brampton. Members from Brampton Tamil Association and Brampton Tamil Seniors Association have formed the Board of Trust of The Memorial Foundation.

The Organization will help to raise the monument in a centrally located public park in Brampton with the community financial support. The monument will provide a place to remember the fallen victims while providing an opportunity for our future generations to educate themselves of such war and the impacts while providing a platform and encouragement to fight for justice, human rights and bring a lasting peace in Sri Lanka.

While offering ongoing support or responding in times of crisis, The Memorial Foundation will continue to partner with non-profit organizations in addressing the needs and improving the quality of life in our community.